I’m just getting started!

I never thought I’d see the day when I let one of my creative projects walk out in public.

My steady descent into a perfectionist-driven state of procrastination started early, as most do, and almost entirely by accident. A lot of ideas; fewer finished products.

On the plus side, the little house in my mind gave me plenty of time to cultivate my own personal library of masterpieces the world has yet to see. But does that really hold up? It’s time to let the public decide!

I’m hoping to change all that dilly-dallying, starting with the Tale Chasers project I’m working on with my best friend. There I’ll hopefully be able to post ideas, prompts, inspiration, thoughts, reviews, and anything that might help others get out of their own creative rut as I slowly make my way out of mine. If you’ve stumbled upon this blog out of curiosity or because I liked/commented on a post of yours, I thoroughly recommend you give Tale Chasers a look!

Let’s make silly mistakes together, love life, enjoy all sorts of stories, get frustrated from time to time, and push past it using our own unique brand of awesomeness and ingenuity. I look forward to seeing what you’ve got to share!